Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Toot the Horn Tuesday

So, I am sitting here trying to clear my head enough to figure out what I am going to toot the horn about. Life just seems to be moving at whirlwind speed right now - the house is kinda crazy, business is busy (yay!!), the kids are all ready to be outside now that spring is springing, hubby has found new inspiration to get projects started around here, and I am a little stressed and a lot dragging.

I know that I am dragging some because of seasonal allergies - ugh, the pollen is thick! But my brain has been so busy with ideas and todo's lately that I just can't seem to slow it down.

So, I am going to toot my own horn for once. Even though things have been in warp speed I have managed to stay on task with getting some of my newest creations underway. I started listing some of my office line, and I am finishing up more accessories that match them this week. I also was featured on this really cool online magazine Outblush.com - you can see my cool feature here.

I am in the process of finishing my new line and writing a press release for when it is ready to fully launch.

I have also been trying to update my main website.

Ahhh, I am hoping to sleep in sometime this weekend!!

Go ahead - toot your horn too!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mommy Time Monday - (and I really need it this week!)

It has been a VERY long weekend, and I can honestly say that I am in great need of some Mommy Time today!

First things first! This is the LAST day you can enter the ACE Team virtual Egg Hunt - so visit http://www.aceteamnews.blogspot.com/ for details! The grand prize is worth over $100 and there are 4 other prizes that are worth between $50 - $85. So, you really don't want to miss out on this one!!

Ahhh, back to Mommy Time!

So, it has been a long weekend full of sick kids, work, cleaning, organizing, visits with parents, and basically running around like a headless chicken! I think even my husband realized last night that my stress level was reaching the dangerous "she is going to explode" point, which is why he didn't ask "what's for dinner" and instead asked "where are we going for dinner". Very good move on his part - I must remember to award him some extra bonus hubby points for that one.

My to do list is so long at this point that I really don't know where to start - I did actually start a list last night, but we were in the car and I was looking for my note pad to start the list, and I realized that the note pad didn't have anymore blank papers. So, I found another list that I made the week before, and became even more stressed when there were still things on that list that hadn't been done yet.

UGH!!! So, now that I have a few minutes of peace (everyone is at work or school), I am going to re-write the list. Of course, I am sure that I will miss some things since I am too stressed to even think straight!

So, the need for some quiet Mommy Time is extremely important today. I really think I am going to pop in a movie and just venture into make-believe land for a bit. Maybe my head will be clear enough to finish that todo list when I am done!

I hope you will take some time for yourself today too! Let us know what you are doing!

Friday, April 3, 2009

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Clean Up the Crap Wednesday's

Sorry I have been out of pocket for a few weeks. I have felt rather overwhelmed with things going on in life and business.


Alas, the messes in the house don't stop just because mommy is overloaded!

So, for the last couple weeks I have been doing a 15min clean up. I am always amazed with how much I can get done in 15 minutes. I have also started involving the kids. My 5 year old loves to set the timer on the stove to start us out, and then we basically run around like crazy picking up things for 15 minutes. He will run into the kitchen every minute or two and announce how many minutes we have left. I try to make the process fun by acting silly and running around in circles a few times, but all the silliness aside, we are cleaning up!

To set up our 15 minute clean up we start by talking about what we are going to work on before the timer is set. Next we talk about the fact that 15 minutes is not a long time, so we must work as fast as we can, and finally we go into the kitchen and start the timer.

I probably would not set the timer for a whole 15 minutes if my son was any younger, but I also don't set the timer any longer for our teen and tween. It has definitely helped get the boys jump started about cleaning up, and they are happy that they don't have to clean for more than 15 minutes.

My son also gets a kick when I announce that I need another 15 minutes, and generally he leaves me alone to clean during my extra time.

So - set your timer for 15 minutes - you will probably be amazed at how much you can do!