Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Loving What You Do

I was recently challenged to evaluate my business based on the tasks that make me happy, as well as the tasks that I am really good at.  It is one of those things that is based on the idea that you should spend the large majority of your time doing things that you love and things that you are good at ... and that really shouldn't always include the things that you are good at that you hate.

So, I started writing down each thing that I do ... and I was a little horrified that I really wasn't writing that I enjoyed doing a lot of the things that I was doing.  However, I love my job ... so something wasn't making sense!

I started to look at the things on my list ... like cutting metal, cutting boards, cutting fabric, ironing fabric ... you get the idea.  And really I don't love most of these things ... especially the ironing!  However, when I get finished making a magnet board, I can honestly say that I LOVE making magnet boards!  The finished product is beautiful!

I also don't really like wrapping things in plastic, securing them with bubble wrap, packing and taping boxes ... But the satisfaction that I get when I put that shipping label on packages is hard to explain.

By the end of this exercise I was really concerned ... wondering if this business that I have poured my heart and soul into was completely wrong for me!

After fretting over this for a couple weeks and then getting completely distracted by some fabulous new product ideas that I have come up with, it occurred to me that I love the process of what I do ... I love my work as a whole, not the individual parts.  It is the mix of the things that I do almost everyday that keeps me coming back to do more.  It is the fact that I never have to sit and do one mundane task over and over that makes work something I am passionate about.  It is the finished product, knowing that I did all of those steps and ended up with something fabulous. 

It is work ... and I LOVE it!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Newsletter Newness!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

How are you? Just Peachy!

You are looking at my breakfast today ... well, minus the cereal I already ate.  I guess I could have put these peaches on my cereal, but they are just sooooooooo good!  I hate to mask the flavor of them with some boxed cereal. 

The little man and I stopped at an orchard in South Carolina and bought a whole basket of these peaches last weekend.  They were a bit hard the first day or two, but now, they are so yummy.  You know the kind of peaches that you bite into and the juice runs down your chin ...

Our venture to South Carolina for peaches in August is a bit of an annual tradition ... always in August because that is when they are best!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mail and Key Rack Organizers! Newness!

Wow ... It was a long time ago that I start this project and I finally pulled it out to finish one today!  This piece of wood has been in my cabinet for so long!  So TaDa!!

I even put some nails up on the side of the barn and took some pictures out there ... you know trying to achieve that "Etsy" look!  The pocket on this doesn't look all that large, but it is 2 inches deep and you can chock it full of letters and envelopes!   It's the only one of it's kind as I don't have any more of this diamond design paper.  I'll be listing some more next week!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Personalization! Get a letter embroidered on your Magnet Board or Magnetic Pen Holder!

I have several new things coming up for this fall, and personalization of products is one of them!  I will be eventually offering the option to have a 3 to 4 inch letter embroidered on all magnet boards, but right now I only have the 8.5 x 10 inch magnet board listed with this option.  I am also offering 1 inch letters on pen/pencil holders!  I have a few different fonts to choose from, one more girly than the other ... Here are some pictures!