Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clean Up The Crap Wednesday - Continued!

So, I decided that I really needed to clean up our coat closet. Kinda funny that I call it that since we don't put coats in it, but I use the closet to store the vacuum, winter hats/gloves, and stuff for my business. This morning is was a complete disaster, and I actually couldn't even get the vacuum into the closet. Bad since I haven't used the vacuum since last week!!

So Here is the before picture:

I am ashamed that this closet still housed:
- playdoh toys that my son hasn't played with in almost 2 years
- a basked of coloring books, markers, and crayons that I didn't know about
- and bags that I transport product in that were falling all over the place
- the lids to plastic storage bins that are probably long gone

I want to use this closet to house:
- overflow shipping supplies
- bubble wrap
- over flow baggies for product
- wooden shape supplies
- overflow of magnets
- winter hats/gloves
- vacuum cleaner and parts

So, I emptied it out and put everything back - I have relocated the coloring things to my son's room, but most of the other stuff is going to goodwill or the trash!

I can even fit the vacuum in the closet now!

Also - I wanted to point out my organizing solution! I hung an over the door shoe rack with clear pockets on the back of the door a while back - but most of the pockets were empty. So - they have been filled up and arranged so that I can see everything! The best part is the pockets are clear so I can give the label maker a rest for
the day!

Clean up the Crap Wednesday

My house is a mess! So I really do need a clean up the crap day! I haven't decided what task I am going to share with you yet, but I can promise lots of pictures and that the space will be organized when I am finished!

So... Stay tuned, this post will be updated later today =)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Toot The Horn Tuesday

I can't believe it is Tuesday! What happened to Monday? Oh, I know - Monday turned out to be a whirlwind of good and bad things all wrapped up into one!

Yesterday was one of those days where just when you think things are going to run smoothly, everything comes crashing down!

There were a couple of orders that I was supposed to send out yesterday, but realized that for one I didn't have a few things made that I thought I did. The other didn't go out because as I was getting ready to package things up I unknowingly uncovered a huge wasp nest in my packaging material! I only got stung once - but ouch! Right on my head!! So I ran in the house aching - grabbed an ice pack and sat for about 30 minutes with ice on my head, head throbbing, and trying to listen to the 5 (almost 6) year old boy ask me a million questions about bees, wasps, why they sting you, and how he has never gotten stung. Oh, and not to mention, between every other question he informed me that he was starving and wanted to know what was for lunch.

So, I had to email each of my customers and let them know that their packages were not going out until Tuesday, and I packed up the boy and we hit Subway.

So, you may be asking why this is called toot the horn Tuesday when all I have been doing is complaining about my misfortune with a wasp?!! I am going to toot the horn about Subway!

The whole way to Subway my son was insisting that he didn't like that place, we had never eaten there before, and there was no way he was going to eat a turkey sandwich if it didn't have ham on it too! However, as soon as we got to the door of Subway he realized that - "OH, Mommy I told you we have been here before ... This place is the place that makes the best sandwiches ... A LOT better than your sandwiches Mommy!"

So we ordered. My son was thrilled that he could get chocolate milk - and Mommy was very proud that he got tomatoes on his sandwich - and I ended up getting him the kids meal they have.

Well - the toy that came with the kids meal was a compass! How cool is that! My son was so excited by his new toy, and has spent the next 18 hours announcing which direction we are going in!

All I have to say is that this is soooooo much better than the el-cheapo plastic toys and stuffed animals from the other fast food places!

Thanks Subway!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mommy Time Monday

So, I am going to try to get back on track for blogging! It is a little difficult as I have too many projects going on right now, but no time like the present to form a habit ... Right?!

Today I am really going to clean the house ... I mean a good cleaning - sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, bathrooms... etc. Really I have let things go for the last week, just getting by with picking up. So, it is time to hunker down and get this place under control!

My mommy time today is actually happening right now! I got up early this morning - 5 am - and enjoyed getting on Facebook to catch up with friends. I have been looking at everyone's sweet pictures, reading about their activities, and leaving little comments to let them know I was there.

I know it isn't a very glamorous mommy time, but it is one of those little things that we don't always take the time todo.

On one other note - Here are some pictures of the giant magnet boards that I have been finishing up - They are quite big at 23"x48" and my customer chose some beautiful Amy Butler fabrics. Enjoy... and Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where have you been for a month and a half?!!

So, it has been a month and a half since my last post, and when I last posted I had NO idea the sequence of events that was about to take place.... So here's a little update...

Ahhhhh... The puppy! Yes, we still have the puppy and she has officially been named Blackberry - sorry I don't have puppy pictures to post today, but essentially she has tripled or quadrupled in size since the puppy post. Potty training is going well ... we still have an accident about once a week, but overall we are just battling chewing, jumping, and overall puppy craziness.

Broken arms... About 3 days after we got the puppy, Nick (the 5-year old) and I decided that it would be a great thing to pick up McDonald's, take it to the park, take the puppy, and meet a friend there. About 20 minutes after we arrived Nick fell off the slide, broke his arm, and we headed to the ER. The next two weeks were full of waking in the middle of the night to let the puppy out or to doctor a boy in pain. So, we finished up the school year making trips to the Orthopedic doctor, getting casts, and trying to find activities that a one-armed boy could do.

Kindergarten Graduation! Nick has officially graduated from kindergarten! We had several end of school activities to attend including a program where Nick had to dress up as a purple bird. Has anyone ever tried to find a purple shirt and pants for a 5-year old? Well, the shirt I finally found, but this purple bird had black legs as purple pants are nearly impossible to find for a boy. I still have no idea what his teachers were thinking - after all, he could have been a blue bird - or even an orange or red bird!! This program was for the dual-language program that Nick is in at his school - he will be fluent in English and Spanish by the time he enters 3rd grade.

The actual graduation ceremony was very cute and at the end the kids in his class celebrated by cracking confetti eggs on each others heads - this is a South American tradition that the dual language classes participate in. I have to tell you that the confetti egg extravaganza was HILARIOUS!

After graduation Nicholas still had a week of having his cast on, and another couple weeks of taking it easy. So, we have spent lots of time swimming (post cast removal), seeing movies, playing at McD's, puppy training, ice cream, and anything else that we could think of that was easy for a 1-armed boy.

Things have still not completely returned to normal, but I am getting caught up. I have lots of other things to share with you, but I will save them for another day.