Fabrics Available

** Please Note that MooreMagnets has a new home, and a new blog!  You can see our new fabrics page here:  http://mooremagnets.com/fabrics-available/

Below are the fabrics that I currently have in stock!  You can order a standard sized magnet board, wall pocket, message board, or magnetic letter holder with one of these fabrics in the "Pick Your Own Fabric" section.

If you don't see a fabric you like, or if you would like a custom sized magnet board, please send me an email at
April at MooreMagnets dot com

Thanks!!  Enjoy!

If you have seen a fabric that you like or you think should be in my selection please leave a link in the comments!  I love shopping for new fabrics!!

PS.. my favorite online fabric shop is HawthorneThreads - Charlie and Lindsay are just fantastic!

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