Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Resolutions ... Admitting Defeat ... and Getting back on the Wagon

Ahhh ... I woke up this morning to the realization that my house is crazy town again ... You know how the stuff just sneaks up on you ... Really, last night it couldn't have been this bad!

I guess I haven't really been defeated by my resolutions ... after all my resolution was to be a better me, and earlier this week I just needed some girlfriend therapy.  You know when you just have to stop everything, pick up the phone and completely loose track of time while you vent, laugh, catch up, and ignore crazy town in the background and visit with a girlfriend who really does understand. 

I'm in the process of eliminating virtual clutter ... all of those online things that are sitting in the back of my head ... delete this, update the url's on that, get rid of that blog that was a great idea but I know that I am never gonna post there. 

And, this morning I am tackling the house ... Satisfied to say that I am typing this post to the hum of the dishwasher and clothes washer ... The laundry will be tackled today ... bathrooms will be cleaned ... Not sure if all of the vacuuming will be done, but the blankets that seem to have invaded the living room will return to the bedrooms where they belong. 

And, I will take photographs of all of these magnet boards that I have finished.  I have actually been productive this week.  Just not a balanced productive. 

This is one of those days when I realize how much simpler things were when I worked outside of the home.  Where work was somewhere that you went and left ... and the housework wasn't screaming at you the entire time you were at work ... and work wasn't screaming at you while you were trying to tackle the house.  The lines get crossed when you work from home ... home and work lines become blurred ... and you must focus at some point, but not just on one thing.  You have to have the ability to focus on both .. just not at the same time!

I know there are lots of people that wish they could work from home, and I do realize how lucky I am ... but it is not the glamorous life ... magical things don't happen ... and life is not perfect when you work from home.  It is a challenge ... and you must be focused and dedicated ... you must be able to manage your time.  I've been working on this all but one year of the last 9.5 years ... it hasn't gotten any easier!

Wish me luck ... at least I know the laundry doesn't fight back!

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