Thursday, December 27, 2012

The New Year is coming ... Planning for Accomplishments!

I am having a hard time believing that we are already at the end of 2012 ... I must confess that I don't think I ever got comfortable writing 12 ... I think I even had to cross out 11 on a check the other day!  However, no matter how uncomfortable I am, 2013 is quickly approaching, and it is time to think about what I want to accomplish over the next 12 months.

Of course I have some standard things ... loose 10 pounds, drink more water, exercise more, get organized ... These are all pretty standard things in my "resolution bucket" ... But this year I don't really want to make resolutions ... I want to accomplish more than just resolve to do something ... I want to change my life ... I want to change for the better.

What I really want is to do more, more of everything!  I want to work more, play more, have more "husband-wife" time, have more fun, make more money ... I want more out of life!

So, I guess that this year I am resolving to be more focused ... and have a fabulous year.  I am not really sure how I am going to do this yet, except that I am going to do more of what feels great and less of what feels icky.   I also know that part of this process will have to include - be more responsible.  I need to take responsibility for my time and what I am doing with it.  I need to be a better time keeper ... I need to be the person that I should be, so that I can be the person I want to be.

I need to take responsibility for being a better me.

So, today, I am taking responsibility for stuff ... and I am going to _____ to allow me to ____

I am going to get the laundry done, to allow me to pack for vacation before the last minute
I am going to get the kitchen counters cleaned off, so that I can finish making turkey soup and banana bread
I am going to clean my bedroom and make the bed, so that I can feel relaxed when I walk in the door
I am going to play with the kids, so that I can laugh

Tomorrow my list will be different, but basically I would like to be on the path of getting work done during work, my house not looking like a complete disaster, be off work when the big yellow bus comes each day, and spend time with my hubby when he is home.  It's a tall order ... but I don't believe that it is impossible ... yet.

I'm not sure where blogging will fall into that ... but I guess that we will find out.  Today it makes me happy to blog this, and just get it out of my head.  When it stops being something that makes me happy then I guess it is time to stop!

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