Wednesday, June 11, 2008


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I am going to start out this blog telling you all how Moore Magnets was born:

Moore Magnets came to life as a result of my search to find cute but functional products for my sons’ room.
My husband and I were sharing a two-bedroom house with our three boys ranging in age from 3 to 11. Because of our lack of space and the range in ages, I was becoming more and more frustrated trying to find decorations and furnishings for the boys’ room that would be functional and age appropriate for all the boys. I began making furnishings that would provide storage as well as play space. As friends and family visited and saw the new items, they began to ask where I found the pieces because they were exactly what their kids needed.

I wanted to create items that would not cost people a fortune, but more importantly, items that kids would use for more than six months. I also recognize the cost of batteries and the level of noise created by many popular toys today, and I wanted to have fun things that did not require batteries, with the only noise being my son’s voice saying, “Look what I made, Mommy!”

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