Friday, June 13, 2008

Successful Beginnings

I opened my Etsy store on June 1st and I am happy to report that to date I have had 2 sales. It is very exciting making and selling your own wares! I have had an online store since 2006 and I have been making magnet boards and other items since 2005, but Etsy is a whole new ball game. I am hoping to expand myself and continue to be successful. I also show and sell my items at various craft shows, and I am hoping to do 12 more before the end of the year, but I would eventually like to be busy enough with my online ventures to cut back on the number of craft shows that I do. Although this does make me kind of sad since I love being at and in craft shows. However, with 3 active boys it is hard to miss out on all of the activities that Saturdays and Sundays bring. Right now though, business needs to be my focus until things stabilize. So, off to to some marketing and creating!

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