Friday, January 7, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing - Week 1

So, I am committing to the 52 Weeks of organizing over on OrgJunkie's blog

Here is my Week 1 Project.

I haven't shared with all of you my FABULOUS new workspace, but I will try to do that soon ... perhaps after some of these 52 weeks project!

Anyway - we moved out my work area furniture and installed upper and lower cabinets in our living room - before the spaced was lined with a metal cabinet, desk, and armoire that I used for my business. Now the cabinets give it a more streamlined look - although I did have to do quite a bit of re-arranging.

So, my week one project is this cabinet pictured -

I had a metal file organizer in one side, but since I only had one, the otherside is still just stacked with a basket on top - really pretty unfriendly to actually get anything out of. So, yesterday I took action and ordered another file organizer!

Originally I searched on Etsy and found a few vintage ones, next I searched ebay, next I searched a few office supply stores ... well I finally ended up back at Etsy to order the vintage one.

Here is a picture of that one - it is coming soon! I already got the shipping notification from the seller!! Thanks, AuntSistersPicks!!

This is going to be great to sort out all of the different labels and papers that I use for various business tasks!

I also like that it will fit inside the cabinet and when I close the door I still have the streamlined look that I am going for!

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Anonymous said...

Very Nice! I'll have to check out that blog.
I love organizing!