Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year equals new projects and goals!

So, I haven't really set any new year's resolutions this year, and given everything that has happened in my household over the last few months, I had really decided that I just wanted to work on "normal".

However, not having a goal or project to reach for this year has really been eating at me. So, when I read about the 52 Weeks of Organizing over on OrgJunkie's blog, I thought this would be the perfect small project to work on.

Basically you are just thinking of 52 areas or things that you would like to get organized during 2011 and then talk about them on Friday's.

So, this week I will work on at least a partial list of 52 things and also complete one organizing project. I'll take pictures and blog about it on Friday!

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Unknown said...

Way to go! Can't wait to see pics!