Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why the USPS doesn't always suck ... and a lesson for those that use flat rate envelopes

I hear a lot of complaints about the USPS, and I do know that some folks really do have problems ... however, I have to give props to the USPS ... because I find it rather amazing that this package ... and its contents made it to me.

You see ... I ordered this bottle of glue, and the seller used one of those flat rate mailers that is made of really, really thin chip board. I hate those by the way. Sellers really need to use the new bubble flat rate mailers that are made for more bulky items, or just pay for mailers that hold up.

I have received so many packages in these flat rate mailers that came ripped open ... I just knew that at some point one of them would be ripped open. Today was that day.

I am just glad that the contents was not lost or damaged!

Kudos to the USPS for putting my package back together and getting it to me!

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FishStikks said...

Wow! I'm finding it increasingly amazing how some people are packing things and expecting them to make it to their destination in one piece. I myself just had a package delivered that was a small box put inside one of the priority tyvek envelopes.

Glad your glue made it though.