Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finished Product Storage

I've blogged about my finished product storage before.  However, I have recently decided that it is just not working for me. 

Previously I was storing my finished product in my cabinets that hubby and I installed in December 2010.  However, I quickly realized that I was growing out of that space.  It became very apparent in the spring of 2011 as I began getting ready for spring craft shows, and I would have finished magnet boards lining the living room.

So, I have finally cleared out the coat closet and moved in!  Please realize that coat closet is just the name as coats have never really lived in there.  I am still storing my bolts of felt inside too, as they are too long to put in my cabinets, but I may still re-install a shelf that was removed before.

I like that now everything is in one place and it will be easy to load and unload when packing up for a craft show.  I can also space things out so that when something sells it is easy to find.

Now it is time to fill these shelves up!  Spring Craft shows are coming up quickly!

The wire shelves may be problematic, but I will use it this way for a little while before I bug hubby again.

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