Monday, September 20, 2010

Reaching your breaking point

So, Fall is approaching briskly and the holiday's are much closer than I care to admit. My blood pressure has been elevated much more than usual lately, and I am about to reach my breaking point!

Yikes ... sounds like it is time for a bit of a re-adjustment in my life!

At some point I am going to have to face the facts that I just cannot keep juggling all of these balls, wearing all of these hats, and keep all of these commitments.

It isn't easy giving up something and re-adjusting the things in your life.

Any suggestions? Lists aren't working anymore =(


Freya said...

I always have my "big 3" priorities, that never change and filter everything through that. For me it's God, Family and Friends.

In order to be a pleasant person and treat my family and friends well, having a decently clean house has to me a priority to me. In order to stay connected with God, I need church. In order to have a great marriage I need to go on dates etc. It all falls under those categories for me and if something is taking away from my "big 3" I just have to let it go!

You'll figure it out, just take a bit of time to step back, breathe and take a look at what is on your plate. Stressed out people (ie. me) spend to much time doing unimportant things because they aren't taking that time to think things through...

MooreMagnets said...

Thanks for your comment Freya! Yes, I do think a break was over due! I am happily accessing the rest of the "stuff" now =)