Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Create Your Own MooreMagnet Product

Here at Moore Magnets, I welcome custom orders with open arms! 50% of my business is made up of custom orders, and I love working with people to find the perfect fabric or size for their kitchen, office, bedroom, or gift!

How do you order a custom item?

First check out the "Create Your Own" section of my shop! I have 10 different sizes of magnet boards listed there, as well as pencil holders, letter holders, and wall pockets that you can pick your own fabric for. You just purchase the item, and send me a message either during check out or email me at april@mooremagnets.com and let me know your fabric selection.

What if I want a different size?

If you would like a different size magnet board then please contact me at april@mooremagnets.com with the size magnet board that you would like and the zip code that the board will be shipped to. If you see a fabric on one of the create your own listings that you want - please let me know which one. Or, if you don't see a fabric that you like, please let me know what you are looking for - for a child, teen, adult - colors - theme - and likes and dislikes that you have. Your quote is somewhat dependent on fabric choice, but I will be happy to give you a range in price.

Where are your giant magnet boards?

I do make and ship giant magnet boards, but due to the wide range of shipping costs throughout the country they are not available for immediate purchase and you must contact me for your size request along with the zip code it will be shipped to.

What if I want it framed?

I do make frames for any board, please contact me for price and details. I hope to someday add this functionality to my site, but alas, that day has not come yet.

What if I want something that I don't see listed?

I am always open to new ideas! So just shoot me an email with yours!

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Aloha Letterpress said...

Wow! Those are certainly large boards! I like that you do offer so much customizing.