Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Unframed Magnet Boards

These boards are perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, offices, craft rooms, and anywhere else you need to keep up with messages, notes, phone numbers, appointments, etc. Unlike magnetic boards you can purchase at an office supply store, my boards offer many different color and/or fabric choices to suit your taste.

Add some of my magnetic tins and make it a jewelry holder, spice rack, bead organizer, or something else handy!

Unframed Magnet Boards are available in unlimited custom sizes and many standard sizes. Standard Sizes are listed below - Click on Small, Medium, Large etc to go to that section of my shop!

Small - Includes 8 inch x 10 inch, 10 inch x 10 inch, 6 inch x 12 inch

Medium - Includes 12 inch x 12 inch, 12 inch x 18 inch, 6 inch x 24 inch

Large - Includes 16 inch x 16 inch, 36 inch x 8.5 inch, 16 inch x 20 inch

Extra-Large - 18 inch x 24 inch, 24 inch x 24 inch

Giant - 36 inch x 24 inch - These are not listed in my shop and are considered custom items.

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