Monday, February 14, 2011

An organized desk ... and what I WANT it to look like!

So ... I have this fantastic new desk space! We actually installed these cabinets and countertops right before Christmas ... and yes - what an excellent Christmas present it is!!

The only problem ... the counters RARELY look like this picture!

However, it dawned on me this morning - that the reason that it doesn't look like this more often is because I am setting myself up for it to NOT look like this!

Normally I have some project out on the counter that stays there for days, but I also want to be able to cut fabric in that exact same spot. Also, there is usually papers out on the printer ... but they are there because I haven't created another place for them to live! Also ... let's talk about pens, scissors, and rulers! I usually have a huge container that is full to the brim with pens, scissors, and rulers out on the counter ... but I also have pens, rulers and scissors in the drawer right next to me ...

So ... this week I am going to be working on making new homes for these things - or clearing out space so that these things have a place to live! The way this space looks right now makes me HAPPY! I completely understand that it won't look like this while I am working on something, but it CAN look like this MOST of the time!

So ... onward and upward - start out with the space that you WANT and then make the things that you need fit into that vision ... if it doesn't fit ... then evaluate if you really need it!

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