Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Organizing - Up and outa there!

So, since I missed a few weeks of organizing projects there ... I thought I should do a couple extra this week!

You may remember reading about my epiphany that I had on Monday - that my desk was always a mess because I was setting myself up for it to be that way ... So, I am doing something about that!

This is actually a picture of the Cleaned up desk ... but you might notice that overflowing basket of stuff I need to sort. Not the nicest thing to look at!

So, I found it a new home INSIDE the cabinet! I actually had another storage thingy in here before, but since I only use it a few times a year, I decided that it could live somewhere else!

Now my storage for important things and things I need to sort is right next to me when I am sitting at the desk.

I'll have to make sorting it a project for next week!

Also earlier this week I came up with this fabulous idea to put magnets underneath my cabinets, and store some of the items I have for sale there until they sold!

However, I liked the idea so much ... and decided that I could use those containers for organizing ... I decided to just take some out and keep them for myself! So, now I have this whole little section where all of the different size buttons and grommets I need are labeled and in easy reach!

I think it looks pretty neat too!

Now I just need to get all of these photographed and listed for sale! I am going to see if I can round out the sets though and make them all sets of three! I think I will even include a magnet in case someone wants to put them under their cabinets too!

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