Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crafty Storage Ideas! Spice Rack as Paint Storage

So, I was cleaning out my spice/baking cabinet over the weekend and decided to finally get rid of some of those spices that have been in there for far too long. I also decided that I really needed to find a new spice rack since this one was a wee bit too big for the cabinet door causing it to not close all of the way.

This morning I realized that it would be the perfect place to store all of those paint bottles that are shoved in a basket in a closet! Maybe I won't have to dump out a whole basket of paint to find the right color anymore! Now I just need to add a dab of paint to the top of each lid so that I know what color is there!

They fit so well that I ordered a few more from Amazon for the rest of my paint stash! WooHoo! Gotta love repurposing your stuff ... especially if it isn't working quite right!

FYI - I do not know the brand of this rack as it was purchased many moons ago, but it is about 12 inches wide and 3 inches deep. It fits 14 of the small 2 oz bottles of craft paint.

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