Friday, January 6, 2012

Yay! The Patio is Finished!

As some of you may know we did pour the patio concrete on December 23rd ... Oh I know, RIGHT before Christmas ... cause you know, I didn't have anything else to do! I have my husband to thank for that timing.

However, even though it was stressful, it was really nice to have it done before Christmas - a nice way to wrap up the year with a project checked off the to do list!

Thanks to some really nice weather after Christmas I have had coffee sitting in my chairs at the little table. I can't wait until spring to put some plants in all those pots and get the garden areas on each side done! And, thanks to my wonderful mother, I have a nice gift certificate to a nursery to buy plants in the spring! Isn't it awesome how mom's just know the perfect gift sometimes! Although my Dad gave me an equally awesome gift ... a gift certificate that can be spend anywhere since it was cash!

So earlier this week I checked out this book from the library, but decided that I needed my own copy to dog ear pages! I have a feeling that the gardens are going to overflow again this year!

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