Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Skeptical about homemade cleaning products ... But this one works!

For years I have been really sensitive to fragrances and cleaners, and I have had to change the types of things that I buy because of it.  This runs the gamut from laundry detergent, to lotions, to hand cleaners, and especially cleaning products!

I have seen many receipes for cleaning, and I have no doubt that dilluted vinegar does a great job cleaning windows, and lemon is a life savor for smells in the kitchen.  However, those hard to clean places, like tubs and showers ... well I confess that I have always just broken down and purchased commercial cleaning products.

I recently came across a pin on pinterest for a tub and shower cleaner - Tub and Shower Cleaner that used Dawn dish detergent and white vinegar ... and I just had to try it because even the commercial cleaning products just don't do too well on the soap scum and mineral buildup from our well water.

The mixture is a 1 to 1 ratio of blue Dawn dish detergent and white distilled vinegar.  They recommend hot vinegar, but I have mixed it with the vinegar cool and gotten the same results.

Update!  I recently mixed it as a 2 to 1 ratio with 2 parts vinegar to 1 part blue Dawn and achieved the same results.  I may try reducing it even more as it is very soapy!

I have to say that I am THRILLED with the results!  I will absolutely not be buying any commercial tub and shower cleaner again!  I can't say that I didn't do any scrubbing, because I did ... here's the picture to prove it ... But the amount of scrubbing I did was the same as I do when I use a commercial cleaner ... Only I wasn't gasping for air, running the bathroom fan, and had to sit outside for at least 30 minutes after I was finished.

My house does smell a bit like vinegar, but it must not be that bad because my son isn't complaining about it!

I only mixed up a small amount.  Instead of the 12 oz and 12 oz mixture they indicate, I only did 4 oz and 4 oz ... frankly cause I didn't want to use all the vinegar I had, and I also didn't want this strange mixture around if it didn't work to my satisfaction.

The mixture wasn't nearly as clear looking as the picture above - that looks more like glass cleaner to me.  Mine was thicker and milky looking.  I will try increasing the vinegar and lessening the Dawn next time.  However, I do think the thicker mixture allowed it to hang on the walls of the shower for a longer time.

Now, I can't wait to make my tub all sparkly and remove that film!

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