Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Preparing for Resolutions ...

So, have you all started your new year's resolutions? How are they going? What did you resolve to do, not do, or do differently this year?

Well ... I haven't started any resolutions yet. For the last few years I have actually resolved to have a "cooling off" or "preparation" period for any new year's resolutions. Generally I take the first 2 weeks of each year to really prepare to get resolutions off on the right foot.

I guess that I could do this preparation the last two weeks of December, but between work, school vacation, family visiting and visits, and the holidays ... that preparation just doesn't happen.

So, one of my resolutions is to step back and prepare to get off on the right foot. Some years this has meant a good cleaning of the house, organizing paperwork, cleaning out the junk food from the pantry, getting those things ready for an exercise regimen ... generally just putting things in place to make it more likely that I will succeed in making my resolutions happen.

So this year my resolutions will start on January 17th, just after the Martin Luther King holiday.

How do you set yourself up to make sure that your resolutions happen?


Aloha Letterpress said...

Good luck with your resolutions for the New Year, April!
And a Happy New Year to you.

MooreMagnets said...

Happy New Year to you too Aloha!