Sunday, January 27, 2013

Making time for it all

Perhaps you could tell by my last post, that I was a wee bit stressed out! 

No one has commented, but I see lots of visits ... sometimes it sure feels lonely out there in the blogging world!

Alas, I'm moving forward.  I did manage to get things in check .. Now I am working on making shorter to do lists.  I feel like I actually get more accomplished when the list is shorter ... when the list seems more doable, and less overwhelming.

It is Sunday, and part of me feels like it should be a day of rest.  The realistic part of me knows that I can't just veg on the couch under a blanket ... so I've battled the overgrown parsley (I had no idea how HUGE the roots get on parsley!) ... tidied up the flower bed, fixed lunch, cleaned the kitchen, caught up on laundry, and now I vacuum ... After that, I shall prepare for a week of work.

I am actually looking forward to a week of work.  Seems like I haven't had much of that since Christmas ... and here we are a month past Christmas! 

Hopefully my next entry will be about fabric, magnets, and all of those wonderful things!  Housework is pretty boring!

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