Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh goodness ... I think I am ADD ...

I have to tell you all ... that I am beginning to think that I am ADD ... Things seem like they are spiraling out of control this week and I need to reign it all in!

Well ... to give you a heads up ... The weekend warrior project has turned out great, but has completely taken away my attention from the house.  I have done a pretty good job of keeping things at bay, but at this point ... I feel CRAZY! 

There are tools, and paint, and pictures ... all over my dining room table ... this morning there was also work stuff, but I did manage to get that put away.  And pictures, plates, uncovered magnet boards and all sorts of other stuff in my living room ... my bathtub has foot prints in it ... and the bathroom floor is beginning to look like a mud room! 

Time to STOP ... and clean it up ... and get the laundry caught up too ... Must stay focused.  I have discovered that when I am feeling really unfocused because I have too many projects going on, that the best way for me to combat it is to do a few simple (ok maybe not simple in execution but stay with me) things.

First, make a list of all of the undone projects.  It is easier for me to do this when everything is out in the open and not put away.  Seeing some of the supplies left out also may spark my mind of an undone project that I have been meaning to finish.

Second, put it all away.  When I have too many things left out, I have a hard time focusing on and finishing one project.  I need a clean work area, and only one thing out at a time.  I also keep the list handy so that I can make sure I don't forget anything that I need to work on.

Third, take a breather and enjoy the peaceful clean space.  This helps to empty my brain, and sometimes I even do a brain dump in my journal or list of undone projects. 

Finally, focus on taking one project out at a time and finish that project.

Now ... off to do all of my steps ... I need peace and serenity ... and sanity!!

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