Monday, January 7, 2013

One Week In ... How are your Resolutions going? Have you started to Tweak them?

So, We are one week into 2013!  How are your resolutions going?  What have you tweaked?  What have you let go?  Are you still on track?

As some of you know I started back on my card system to keep me on track with time management and keeping my house in order.  I actually started a bit before the first of the year because I wanted to have my brain ready and my system in place.  I have started to tweak and change some things though.

I haven't changed much with my weekly, monthly, or quarterly cards yet.  Although after scrubbing tubs and showers last week I thought that weekly might be too often for that job ... I think this is more due to that I don't like doing that and I would much rather put it off and not do it as frequently.  For now, I am leaving it as a weekly task as I do think that it will be much less of a time consuming (and less work) if I do actually get it done every week.  I will be making some changes to my daily cards though.  For instance ... I need to change wiping counters and tables - I currently have them on my morning list and I thought they were on my afternoon and nightly list too ... but they are not.  I will probably take them off the morning and move them to nightly.  I also have sweep kitchen/dining on both afternoon and nightly and I will be moving that to only nightly.   

I have also been thinking about the things that I need to do that are not already in the system.  Thinks like vacuuming my car, washing the car, and outside chores ... like hubby and I were just talking about trimming our fruit trees and both decided that we needed to remind each other in late February to do this ... probably something I could make a card for and increase the likelihood that I will remember!  The car chores certainly need to be done ... and I am seriously considering treating myself to the local car wash once a month ... especially if I am getting all of this other stuff done.  It would be a nice treat not to have to do that!

I need to give more thought to my work chores and how I would like to add them in.  I certainly have things that need to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis ... but I need to give more thought about how I want to get myself on track.  There are several things that I do for work that need to be done when the weather is cooperating ... and I need to get organized so that when the weather is nice, I am able to do them without being buried in other things that have to be done immediately.

Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to get the weather to cooperate with my schedule ... so until then, I need to be ready when the weather is cooperating!

So, tell me about your resolutions!!  Leave me a comment!

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Emily said...

I don't make resolutions!