Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The good, the bad, the ugly ... the sad ...

My resolution for 2013 ... To be a better me ... some days I think it is a tall order ... but I am so inspired by friends.

I have to confess ... there are things that I really hate about facebook ... although, I have to remember that it isn't really facebook's fault.  There are certain things that I learn through facebook that makes it seems such a cold way of sharing information, but then there are times like today that I must remember that I probably wouldn't know some pieces of news at all if it wasn't for facebook.

Death ... I hate learning about someone's death on facebook ... I sincerely hope that people don't forgo picking up a telephone and having an actual conversation with someone to tell this sort of news.  Learning about the death of a family member via facebook should not be the norm ... and yes, this has happened to me.  But today I have to remind myself that I probably wouldn't know about the death of the little girl named Lillie if it wasn't for facebook.

You see, I only met her and her mother once ... at a craft show.  Lillie was born with a heart condition and the number of surgeries that her parents and her had to go through was astonishing.  Her mother, Liz, embraced motherhood and her daughter with an amazing appreciation that I am having a hard time putting into words.  Packing so much joy, fun, laughter, and love into as much time as they are given ... a span of time that seems so short ... too short.  I became friends with Liz on facebook, and I have read and watched this amazing little life.  The way that they lived life should be taught, treasured, aspired to, and celebrated ... today it is mourned.

I am sad, and grateful, and inspired ... This is why my resolution is what it is ... I want to be the best me that I can be every single day ... and I don't want it to take a tragic event in my immediate life and family to make that happen.

Liz ... if you ever read this ... Thank you ... and I am so dearly sorry for the loss of Lillie.  You have both inspired me to be a better person and mother.

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