Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sausage Frittata - by The Saucy Dish

I ain't no Betty Crocker!  Really ... I do not consider myself a good cook at all ... but I can follow a recipe!  Cooking was just not one of those things that was done in my house growing up, other than a few specialty dishes that my mother made ... So, when I am trying to come up with stuff to feed these boys, then I rely on the experts!

I love easy!  And, this Frittata is Easy!  You should run over and follow The Saucy Dish on facebook!  She has some great recipes that are kid and husband friendly, and even I can make them!

It's like a crustless quiche or an open faced omelet. 
 I had leftover sausage, so I put that in the pan just to heat it back up. And, the fats in the sausage helped add more non-stick factor to my Pre-Seasoned, AND "PAM'd" oven proof heave pan with curved edges. 
I poured scrambled eggs into the hot pan with the sausage still it it. I started in the center, then just made sure the eggs were poured all over to cover all the sausage crumbles. I let it cook on the stovetop for about 2 minutes total on high/medium-high. 
Once the bottom was set and I could see that the edges were cooked to about a half inch in towards the center, I put some shredded cheese on top. I had the broiler set to low, and then just put the whole pan in the oven. It was in the oven about another 5? Minutes. 
I watched it until the top looked like the picture there, with the nice golden brown top. I then used a plastic spatula to ease around the edges to be sure it would release from the pan, and I plopped it onto the cutting board. Then used my pizza cutter, and viola! Super easy breakfast!!

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