Friday, January 9, 2009

Fabulous Finds Friday!

So, I decided to post some fabulous finds every Friday. I am going to start the first ones with pieces that are on Etsy, but pieces that I have also had the pleasure of seeing in person. Some of them I will have purchased, and some of them are from people that I have seen at craft shows.

My first fabulous find is Ruth of AlloverArt. I first 'met' Ruth because she started buying my wooden shapes, and then she contacted me to tell me that we were going to be at the same show in Holly Springs, NC.

Her pendants and artwork are just amazing!

Ruth, tell us a little about Allover Art:

I started painting when I took a general visual arts class in high school. The class covered a wide variety of mediums, but I fell in love with painting, specifically oil painting. After high school I studied Art History in college and painted as a hobby. I never took any other actual art classes. My senior year in college I had in internship at "The Art Newspaper" in NYC. After college, in 2005 began work at a gemstone company, where I spent the majority of my day behind a desk. I still painted on occasion in my spare time. In November of 2007 a co-worker saw a painting of mine that I had given to my sister and asked if I would paint a portrait of his cat and dog for him to give to his wife for Christmas. After I completed that painting the entrepreneur/artist bug bit me hard and I started researching how I could run my own art business. In February of 2008 I quite my desk job and created Allover Art! I paint because I love it! I love to create something unique that brings joy to other people.

Tell us a bit about you!

I'm a former NC high school state swimming champion and record holder in the 50 and 100 freestyle. My senior year I was the state MVP. I'm pretty sure the records have since been broken, but it was nice while I held them. :) I went to Rutgers University in NJ on a swimming scholarship. From age 5 to 21 my life was pretty much dedicated to swimming.


Ruth said...

What a great find! ;) Haha, I'm honored to be featured. Thanks you!

365 Letters said...

Ruth's art is beautiful! Thanks for introducing her to us!