Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow, I can not believe that 2008 is over! But, alas it is, and it is time for a new year, new things, and resolutions. I am long past making hard and fast resolutions to change things that seem far out of my reach, so this year I am making resolutions that can possibly lead up to those changes that I need to make. For the last two weeks I have been cleaning like a mad woman. I wanted my house and workspace to look fresh and new for the new year, and I will be trying to keep it there. Or at least tame the messes before they become monumental!

There will be several business changes for me this year. I will be adding some new magnet boards to my line that have some new features to make them super functional! I won't tell you what they are yet, but I am hoping to have the first ones finished before the end of January. I will also be adding some other super functional items that are NOT magnets or magnet boards, Those are also a surprise, but I hope they will be popular with teenagers and moms who are always looking for new places to stash stuff!

I have also opened up a shop on artfire. You can find me there at I am planning to re-open my store at too. Hopefully that will be opened by mid February. I was accepted to Lollishops, but I have currently decided not to stock a store there due to cost.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year!

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Tracey Gurley said...

I'm excited to see your new products.