Thursday, January 22, 2009

No, I didn't drop off of the face of the Earth - I am just a mom!

Gosh, I haven't blogged in days, but no I didn't fall off of the face of the earth! The kids have been out of school this week for MLK day and for teacher workdays. But, the big news is that we got 3-4 inches of snow!!! Probably not a big deal for lots of people, but since we live in central North Carolina, snow falls are few and far between. We just don't have the equipment available to keep the streets cleared, so most people just have to rely on mother nature to get rid of it. The kids are out of school again today!! I am sure they will have a productive learning week only going one day this week (I am just praying they will go to school tomorrow!). The good news is that I didn't have to do any grocery shopping!!! I had stocked up so much that I really didn't need anything from the store! So, no grocery game to blog about this week, and unfortunately, no new products have gotten made.

However, we have had a lot of fun playing in the snow, looking for animal tracks in the snow, sledding, and eating snow cream!


Unknown said...

I love snow days, but only when there is one...more than that and I lose my mind! My family lives in Charlotte...I love North Carolina!

Kristina said...

Snow days? Hmph! None of those in Southern California. Now I'm jealous. :)
But it sure was nice to have the kiddos for an extra day with no school. We went to Big Bear and made snow men, so that was our fake snow day. :)

Kathy said...

My sister lives in SC and was very excited about her couple of inches of snow. I told her I would gladly send her more from Illinois any time she likes! She did not accept my offer. Glad you had fun in the snow. The snow is beautiful to look at until December 26th and then I've had enough and I'm ready for spring.