Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am it! I got tagged!

AAAHHHH!!! I got tagged!
tagged me and I thought this one might be fun, so I am playing along!

Your supposed to tell everyone 6 random things about yourself! HMMM - that might be everything!

first... here are the rules:
  • Link to the person who tagged you
  • Post the rules on your blog
  • Write six random things about yourself
  • Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them
  • Let each person know they've been tagged
Okie Dokie - Here are the random things about me!

1. I hiked 600 miles on the Appalachian Trail in New England.

2. I have been a certified scuba diver since I was 12.

3. I love to garden, and have dreams to turn our 7 acres of land into a mini farm.

4. I am totally not a girly girl, but I went to modeling school and used to do runway modeling.

5. We don't have cable or satelite TV, and the only show that I miss is "Deadliest Catch".

6. My mother thinks I am the most organized person, and my husband thinks I am the most unorganized person. I am still trying to figure out which one I am fooling!

Okay - enough about me! Here is who I am tagging!

Ruth - Your it!
Meekiyu - Your it!
Amy - Your it!
Zenabu - Your it!
Tranquility Knots - Your it!
April - Your it!


Kimberly Monaco said...

hey.. thanks for playing along! I love this! so fun to find out about everyone! how long did the 600 mile hike take? wow!

TranquilityKnots said...

That's very impressive! 600 miles!
Oh, I will turn that 7 acres into flower farm, just leave a tiny part for my home grown veggies. Imagine 7 acres of rainbow color of all sorts of flowers!
This is fun! I will play it tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Fun post! I love learning about bloggers with the random meme's. Thanks for the tag :)