Monday, January 19, 2009

Sssslllloooowww Start

It's Monday - and I am having a really slow start today! Maybe it is because the kids are home from school for MLK day, or maybe it is because I cleaned endlessly over the weekend. Or maybe it is because nothing seems to be working right!

So, what to do when you are having a hard time getting started? Well, here are a few things that I do!

1st - Take a break and brain storm. If you have read earlier posts you know that I am not a really good list maker, but if I am having a hard time getting my day started I find that a little list can really get me motivated. I like to include a bunch of little things on this list - things that I can get done in 5 minutes or less. Being able to mark some things off the list helps motivate me.

2nd - Laugh a little - or a lot! I usually do this by playing a silly game with the kids. This morning we had a very involved game involving nerf guns and hiding around corners. Anytime I play with the kids I get a pretty good laugh and it really helps give me perspective to what things are really important in life.

3rd - Call a friend. So, I didn't do this one today, but when the kids are off at school I will usually call a friend and just have a good 30min chat.

4th - Go for a walk. Usually mine is a walk around our property and making a mental list of what I would like todo in the flower beds, and garden.

5th - Clean up my workspace. Most of the time I have a hard time getting motivated because I have a stack of paper staring me in the face. Just going through the stack and getting it off of my desk helps get me going.

I hope you all have a great day!

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Kathy said...

Saturday I accomplished so much in my shop. I made some great things, listed them, redid some was one of those really great days. Then came Sunday....the total opposite. Everything I touched was a disaster. I created and uncreated 2 things over and over until I finally gave up and went to bed. I got up this morning...a whole new day...wondering which it was going to be. I was able to finish one of the pieces and I'm still looking at the other wondering whether anyone will want it. It isn't the look I was going for.

Now I am cleaning my workshop because I know that I will have a much better week if I can find things and I'm not choking on dust all week.

The walk will come this afternoon!