Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Groceries Everywhere! What's for dinner?

Thanks for all of the comments!

1st - I love the suggestion of making a weekly menu and only buying what you need for the week! That is exactly how I was grocery shopping before, but I was never very good at coordinating that menu with the store specials and coupons that I got. So, my new method is to take advantage of those store specials and coupons, and then plan my meals around what is in the house.

2nd - Did you save $78 bucks using coupons?!! - I saved $78 bucks by combining the store specials and coupons. I didn't do the work though - that credit goes to Grocery Game!

So, yesterday, after looking at the 18 cans of soup that I just bought - I was trying to think what in the world I am going todo with all of this soup?!! So, I googled Campbell's soup and found their great website . I was able to search the receipes they have for the kinds of soup that I bought and got some great reciepe ideas!

But, tonight I am not making one of those, I am going to make baked chicken and rice with the cream of mushroom soup and chicken that I bought, and have the steamed broccoli that I got. We are also going to have some butter beans that I cooked during the Christmas holiday from our freezer. YUMMY!

Later this week I am going to try taco soup from the Campbell's website!


LiPeony said...

Ah great thinking! and holy that's is a good amount of money saved! Your meal sounds delicious... taco soup.... MMMMM

CT said...

Oh my...I'm getting hungry! - CT

Kimberly Monaco said...

wow.. I was getting hungry reading your post!

... guess what?
your're tagged!

can't wait to read yours!